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What is Internet TV?

Internet or online television is television content that is digitally distributed using the internet as its medium. The general term ‘internet TV’ includes all video content that can be accessed on the internet through the use of video streaming technology. This is made possible largely through the efforts of traditional and major TV broadcasters. The term does not encompass describing what technology is used to deliver the video content.


As for web television, this is a term that characterizes short videos or programs that are created by IPTV, or a broad variety of individuals or companies. IPTV is an emerging technology standard also used by TV broadcasters.


Internet TV is now becoming increasingly common. As of 2014, smart TV is now in one-fourth of all American households. A lot of US viewers now watch TV via internet. There are now channels which are available only on the Internet that are firmly established enough that they can feature Emmy Award-worthy shows like the Netflix produced show House of Cards.

Here at Internet TV World, we update our website daily so you can get the best and latest prices for your Internet TV purchases. Most of our products come from the Amazon Marketplace, an online trusted source. You can read product reviews by customers to have the confidence to choose which products are best suited for you and be assured that you’ll get your money’s worth.


Almost all major broadcasters worldwide now have an Internet TV platform that is fully operational. A lot of Internet TV service providers also give viewers the option of making TV shows available even after they have been broadcast. They advertise such services as ‘catch-up TV’ or ‘on-demand’ TV. And many of these Internet TV services are free of charge.


Internet TV World is for consumers like you who are already getting tired of Cable TV and are ready to try out the new age of Internet Television entertainment. With the use of streaming media players and internet TV boxes, television can now be conveniently watched online. Cable TV is a thing of the past; as early as five years from now, it is expected to decline rapidly, if not totally be obsolete just like DVD players. The market will be readily and competently filled by internet TV.


Internet TV World is passionate about providing the latest and the best TV entertainment technologies. It believes in the pioneering efforts of broadcasters to shift their platform, giving the people what they want, when they want it. They need freedom from the constraints of Cable TV schedules.


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